A couple weeks ago we were having our regular street service on our corner of Stephen Ave & 2nd St, and this man wanders in and is really listening to the preaching and raising his hand in agreement and appreciation. He came up to me afterwards thankful for the word and began to share how he heard us from the train station and the LORD got him to change his plans and to come over and join us. He continued by saying how he use to be a Muslim and converted to Christianity after the LORD came to him while working at a homeless shelter. He desired to be baptized and the minister said you will lose your family, he said “I don’t care”.

Word of his new faith travelled to Ontario where his brother lived and his brother flew to Edmonton and smashed him in the face with a sludge hammer! He was in the hospital for 2 years and has undergone 5 surgeries taking bone from his knee for the left side of his face, mixed with metal, and has one more surgery to go. Twice on the table he was dead for 2 minutes, but is now more alive than ever saying “I’m so happy, and never felt so good by having a relationship with the LORD. If the people only knew how good it is to have a relationship with the LORD, they would never look anywhere else in the world. I wish I convince a million people a day, I keep praying to bring as many people as I can.”

Be encouraged and inspired by Hassan’s faith, forgiveness and love for Jesus Christ despite persecution from his own family, now that’s walking like Jesus!

M7 House Church – Real, Raw, Refreshing!

We are in the middle of a “Signs of the times” series, 6:45pm in house @ 148 Deerfield Terrace SE, or join us on YouTube “MISSION7 & The Inner Circle”. “…not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some…” – Hebrews 10:25


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